InfoSuite A/S

Anne-Mette Christensen, Head of Sales

"We have previously worked with other telemarketing companies, but chose Valeur, because we wanted a business partner closer to our headquarters. We were off to a flying start with Valeur, and the collaboration worked from day one. After collaborating with Valeur our perception of telemarketing has changed radically.

In general it has been professionally rewarding to work with Valeur, who manages to be persistent in the sales work and they make sure all leads are being worked on and eventually closed, regardless of the time frame.

Above all it is the process of creating relations to our future customers that we value and that other companies we have worked with never have achieved.

Kurt Døring is our consultant at Valeur and over time he has worked up large background knowledge about our product, as well as the market we operate in.

Because of the frequent and close contact we have with Kurt, we actually feel that he is one our own employees and not an external business partner. We strongly feel this contributes to maintaining our customers. We believe it is essential to have a strong and close cooperation with the right person, who understands the company's situation and needs.

All in all we feel in safe hands with Valeur, who are responsible for a large part of our new bizz," tells Anne-Mette Christensen, Head of Sales at InfoSuite A/S.

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